Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bush Due Apology From Democrats

Thanks to Flopping Aces.

"There is no connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda" was all we heard from the lunatic left since 2003. Well, surprise boys and girls.

Iraqi Prime Minister Confirms Proof of Al Qaeda-Saddam Hussein Connection

BAGHDAD — The government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki said Al Qaida worked closely with former operatives in Saddam Hussein regime.

Officials said leading members of the Al Qaida network have coordinated operations with Saddam aides since 2003. They said Al Qaida and Saddam forces attacked Shi’ites in an effort to spark a civil war in Iraq.

They agreed that Al Qaida would carry out the suicide attacks, while the Baathists [Saddam's ruling party] would do the remote-control bombs,” Al Maliki said.

The Al Qaida-Saddam link, asserted by then-U.S. President George Bush in 2002, came in wake of the reported capture of a leading Al Qaida commander in Iraq.

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