Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Democrat Logic: Cut Advertising and Close Dealerships to Increase Sales

Barack Hussein Obama, the man who has never sold a car or anything else, has never worked on a car or anything else or has never even held a real job of any kind, plans to increase sales at "Government Motors" (Chrysler) by cutting the advertising budget in half and by closing over 1/4th of the dealerships nationwide.

Cutting advertising in half and closing one-fourth of the dealerships to increase sales..... hmmmm

Only in Democratland.

Pretty soon buying a car will be just as much fun as getting your license plates... take a number, get lousy service and go home with a pile of worthless tin.

Remember that GM and Toyota sold about the same number of cars last year but GM lost money on each car while Toyota made money on each car. GM lost money due to excessive and destructive Union policies and influence which drove up mfg costs... Obama plans to increase Union control, cut advertising spending and close down dealerships. That's the ticket for stimulating the economy and creating jobs... this according to the man who has never had a job much less create one.

Thanks to Dave at Oklahomily for the tip on this story...


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