Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dick Cheney Takes On Obama, GOP Approval Ratings Jump

In a CNN popularity poll (yup CNN, lol) Dick Cheney is leading the Republican party to higher approval ratings since his decision to respond in kind to the Obama administration's unprecedented tactic of blaming and condemning a previous administration.

Mr. Cheney gave a speech a few days ago outlining how our policy of enhanced interrogation saved American lives without harming the person being interrogated (post below). The speech was planned months ahead. Upon learning this, the Obama administration announce the President would be giving a speech just prior to the former Vice President's speech.
A "preemptive strike", if you will.

It didn't work however as (according to the CNN poll) Dick Cheney's approval ratings jumped 8%... and in fact even George W Bush's approval ratings went UP after Cheney started refuting and rebutting claims made by the President and his staff.

Take a lesson REPUBLICANS... grow a pair and grow a spine.
America needs you and Dick Cheney has shown you the way...

(BTW- Notice how George W Bush is behaving like a former President SHOULD behave by not commenting on the next administration... giving them a chance to succeed (or fail) without his interference. Democrats could learn a lot of class and professionalism from this man... except they are NOT interested in "class" or professionalism are they?)


Anonymous Ammon86 (Poland) said...

Well maybe you're right.. but in my opinion the main reason Republicans lost last few elections was the war in Iraq, and also gigantic budget deficit as a result of this war.. The party has to return to its principles - fiscal restraint, lowering taxes along with spending cuts, and policy of non-interventionism - at least, until an intervention is absolutely necessary for the security of the United States. In Iraq, it wasn't. And Cheney might be a gifted speaker, but he is also often associated with starting of this conflict, so making him the most visible GOP member right now might be risky..

9:13 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

The main reason Republicans lost the election was that they selected the most left leaning Republican they could find in John McCain to run against the most liberal Democrat the left could find in Barack Obama... when Republicans try to out-Democrat the lefties... they can't possibly win.

The 2008 election proved that moving the party to the middle or left doesn't work.

9:31 AM  

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