Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The End of Federalism, Welcome to the Nanny-State

Thanks to The Heritage Foundation-
From "The End of Federalism"

USA Today reports:
“In a historic first, Uncle Sam (the federal government) has supplanted sales, property and income taxes as the biggest source of revenue for state and local governments.”
Yes, now states, counties and even cities look to the federal government instead of themselves for revenue.
Heritage Foundation- "The costs of the loss of federalism to the American people are real. As Reagan outlined, federal aid to states blurs the lines of government accountability, making it easy for politicians to sneak in government-growing legislation and hard for voters to hold those politicians accountable. Moreover, as states become more dependent on federal funding, they begin to lose their ability to set priorities and make policy decisions that are best-suited to their specific needs. Finally, sending money to Washington, only so that it can later come back to the states, creates a fiscal detour of inefficiency and inequity."
"A Leviathan-sized federal government able to dictate state policies through power of the purse is not what the Founders had in mind."
As Reagan said in his first inaugural address:
“All of us need to be reminded that the Federal Government did not create the States; the States created the Federal Government.”


Blogger Dave the Oklahomilist said...

Glad you posted about this. I meant to but got side-tracked.

One of the points I meant to make was that USA Today's story about it completely obscured the point. USAT said that it was a reflection of how far states and cities revenues have fallen, when in truth there has NEVER been federal money pouring into the states like it is today. It wouldn't matter what collections were like!

The power balance between the federal and state governments cannot survive this fiscal onslaught.

Keep on, keeping on!

5:26 PM  

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