Monday, May 04, 2009

Kemp Leaves Behind GOP Blueprint for Success

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation

"In my view, this debate should not be over whether we’re going to spend $16 billion or $6 billion on a spending-driven stimulus package. Instead, for the good of the economy and the good of the country, America needs a real debate over the principles of what creates a growing economy.

Does government create jobs, or do entrepreneurs?
Does government spending spur growth, or do lower taxes, less regulation, and spending limits?
Can government direct investment better than the private sector?
The answers to these questions provide the keys to designing a strategy for long-term growth in America."- Jack Kemp 7/1993 on providing an alternative to Bill Clinton.

Then just 17 months later following a Republican majority takeover of congress....

"Democrats tried to make this election about anger. But we made this into an election about ideas - about opportunity, ownership, entrepreneurship, responsibility, education, safe streets, and jobs for all."- Jack Kemp 11/1994 following Republicans winning control of congress during Bill Clinton's term.

God speed Jack.


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