Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay Class, Today's Assignment - You Have 2 Minutes, Plot a Terror Attack on America

I heard this on TV2 morning news here in Denver.

Thanks to Z Truth for the story...

"A ninth grade history project at Pueblo County High School started out as a straight forward writing assignment, but it quickly outraged some parents.

It was an assignment meant to teach kids about terrorism, and while some call it a misunderstanding others say it was just down right irresponsible.

On Thursday, 110 freshmen at Pueblo County High School were given an assignment that many felt was questionable.

At least one parent was shocked when her daughter explained the assignment to her.

"She said you have two minutes to write down on a piece of paper what your act of terrorism would be if you were to come up with an act of terrorism," said parent Gini Fisher.

The teacher claims the assignment was to illustrate an act of terrorism by a foreign government on American soil.

Meanwhile, District 70 Superintendent Dr. Dan Lere says all of the assignments will be collected and destroyed immediately..."



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