Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sarah Palin... Poised To Become America's First Female President

From the Digital Journal-

A Book Review: By Gary Jackson-
Sarah Palin Poised To Become America's First Female President
Authored by Recaldo Ochoa.
Sarah Palin is indeed poised to not only be the first female President, she is poised to be the next President of the United States.

Governor Sarah Palin is a true American original. She is a self made woman. A strong woman. A woman who has met every challenge in her life head on, and prevailed.

Governor Palin is the very embodiment of the American spirit. She is hard working, down to earth, and very personable. She is also an incredibly driven woman, and a true reformer. Someone who has never let corruption in government slide.

And that’s a point that the author of the latest book about Governor Palin, “Sarah Palin Poised To Become America’s First Female President” makes very, very well.

The author, Recaldo Ochoa, a history teacher who focuses on American history and government, proves he knows his subject very well. This is a well put together book on Sarah Palin, and a fun read. It was obviously a labor of love, and a family project, with his son and daughter helping with cover design and illustrations.


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