Sunday, May 10, 2009

Troubled Waters for Watts?

From The McCarville Report Online

"J. C. Watts, the former 4th District congressman contemplating a bid for the Republican nomination for governor next year, has been paid $180,000 by a Texas group that is suing Oklahoma for the right to purchase water that flows through the state."

One must wonder however exactly why Mike McCarville is so against someone who isn't even running for anything yet however....


According to The Oklahoman, Watts’ and his company are not directly involved with the lawsuit against Oklahoma, but rather are involved in trying to get approval for a federal water project for the Trinity River area.

Steve Pruitt, a partner in Watts Partners, said the lobbying team for the water district works only on federal issues and is not involved in any way with the lawsuit or efforts to repeal or modify the moratorium.

Pruitt said he has focused primarily on getting congressional approval and funding for a water district project involving the Trinity River.

Filings by Watts’ firm say it represents the water district on state regulatory issues and federal project authorization. But Pruitt said the regulatory issues don’t include the water sale dispute.

“We’re not a law firm; we’re a public relations firm,” Pruitt said. “We try to stay as far away from the legal stuff as we can get.”


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