Saturday, May 23, 2009

Words Have Meaning... Except To Democrats

Thanks to Curt at Flopping Aces...
From Human

Ask nearly anyone, “What is Obama’s goal on abortion?”
They’ll answer, “Reduce the number of abortions.”

Not so, according to an Obama aid.

Melody Barnes, the Director of Domestic Policy Council-
“It is not our goal to reduce the number of abortions.... our goal is to reduce the need for abortions.”

Abortion advocates object to the phrase “reducing abortions.” It connotes that there is something bad or immoral about abortion.

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2004 that Democrats, after losing the presidential election, began rethinking their harsh, no compromise stance on abortion.
Their solution?

Change their "language" but not their position.

Howard Dean, then head of the Democratic National Committee, on abortion told NBC's Tim Russert: "We can change our vocabulary, but I don't think we ought to change our principles."


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