Sunday, June 21, 2009

Aryamehr Blog Providing Updated Reports, Perspective On Iranian Protests

In the right sidebar, I have had a link to the Iranian based Aryamehr Blog promoting democracy in Iran for the past year or two. Aryamher has put up some excellent reports on the current goings-on in Iran, well worth the read for reports from an Iranian perspective.

WARNING: Some of the you-tube videos are extremely graphic and violent, viewer caution is advised.

From the most recent post at Aryamher-
"Iranians Take Up Arms Against the Occupational Islamic Republic" - "Iranians are starting to get armed in order to defend themselves and their compatriots against the savage security forces of the Islamic Republic. It's only a question of time when this will escalate and more and more people realize that they cannot fight bullets with their fists.

Reports from people on the scene state that numerous transport planes have landed in Iran filled with Basijis (brainwashed religious zelouts) from the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas and Venezuelan anti-riot police (courtesy of AhmadiNejad's close friendship with the Hugo Chavez!). "The reason such forces are being brought in is that some of the Iranian police are unwilling to hit people as ordered and some are even joining the protesters" (Source #2)"

A post from yesterday...

WARNING: Graphic clip of innocent Iranian woman shot dead by the Islamic Republic

These two following clips were just uploaded on youtube showing an Iranian woman shot dead in Tehran by the Islamic Republic's mercenary forces. These are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC & DISTURBING IMAGES!

And, for some perspective on what Iranians are hoping to gain from the protests...

"Ongoing Anti-regime protests continue in Iran"
"I am still uncertain on where the people demonstrating this past week in Iran want to take this growing movement.
Have they risen up because their votes in a sham s-election, supervised by a terrorist and corrupt regime, did not give the results they wished for? Or have people used the s-elections as an excuse to advance the freedom-fighting movement of Iran by using one of the Islamic Republic's selected candidates, Seyed Mir-Hossein Mousavi (an Islamic Republic servant, who served as PM during the darkest years of this terrorist regime marked by the genocide of political prisoners), as an excuse through which they can voice their rejection of this system?

If the demonstrators truly believe that they can bring change through within this regime by bringing Mousavi to power they will be very disappointed when they realize that Mousavi endorses the foundations of this terrorist regime and will only bring cosmetic changes rather than uprooting the rotten system which has thrived on the Iranian nation's wealth and keeping them in the dark/isolated for the past 30 years."

Full Article at Aryamehr

UPDATE- Monday June 22, 2009 The struggle continues in Iran.
Unified Iranians Repel Islamic Republic...
Proud Iranians around the globe stand proud of the brave "freedom fighting" protesters.


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