Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Call it what it is: "Obama's Cap and Tax Tax & Trade and Tax Tax"

We should have a law requiring any new laws that include a tax increase in them are required to have the word "tax" in the title of the bill.
Honesty in advertising?

Naming games like "Cap & Trade" which is a tax increase on your energy bills should be outlawed.
The Cap and Trade Tax will mean a tax increase on your natural gas or propane, on your electricity and on your gasoline or diesel with no evidence that it will have any positive impact whatsoever on the climate or the planet or the environment.

But it doesn't stop there.
Imagine a tax on the very element all life on this planet is based on.
Carbon. There ya' go.... bingo... errr rather Jackpot!

Additionally, CO2 has been deemed by the US government to be a dangerous and hazardous gas in spite of it being a naturally occurring substance that all breathing creatures on earth exhales about once per second or so... and bubbles up from all the ocean floors... and all plant life must have it (CO2) to survive just as we need oxygen from the plants.

But CO2 is suddenly "bad medicine" and the US government is going to tax it out of existence.... to save the planet of course. Then later, the US government can rush back in to save the day and mandate increased CO2 output to save the planet from a lack of CO2 when levels naturally ebb and flow as they do.
What a scam this global warming hoax has turned into.

Tax increases from the Cap and Trade Tax on businesses will also drive up the cost of virtually everything we buy.... or lease... or rent... or look at.

Call it what it is The Cap and Tax Tax and Trade and Tax Tax.

The gory details below....

The Heritage Foundation.org - "Beware of Cap and Trade Climate Bills"

"A study by Charles River Associates puts the cost (in terms of reduced household spending per year) of S. 2191 at $800 to $1,300 per household by 2015, rising to $1,500 to $2,500 by 2050.[2] Electricity prices could jump by 36 to 65 percent by 2015 and 80 to 125 percent by 2050.[3] No analysis has been done on the impact of S. 2191 on gasoline prices, but an Environmental Protection Agency study of a less stringent cap and trade bill estimates impacts of 26 cents per gallon by 2030 and 68 cents by 2050.[4]

Even these cost projections may underestimate the true costs, because they assume no unpleasant surprises. But the world has already witnessed many unpleasant surprises with Europe's ongoing efforts to impose a cap and trade program."

Institute For Energy Research - "Cap and Trade is Bad" pdf or html

"The details of cap-and-trade become complicated, but in the final analysis it is a stealth tax on energy. Wherever these schemes to limit greenhouse gases have been tried, they have failed. This is the reality. Cap-and-trade may look good on paper, but in practice it will impose massive costs for dubious environmental gain. Cap-and-trade is the last thing the U.S. economy needs in the midst of a serious recession, or any other time for that matter."

NewsOK.com- "Cap and Trade Bad Deal For US"

"Various estimates say it would cost the economy $9.4 trillion by 2035. A CRA International study found 3.2 million jobs would be lost by 2025, even with new "green” jobs. The same study showed the average U.S. household’s purchasing power would drop by $2,127 by 2030.

Pelosi & Co. want to increase the cost of fossil-fuel use so Americans will use less of it. The economy will be saddled, jobs will be lost and Americans’ standard of living will slide."

Associated Content Business News- "Cap and Trade Will Cost Americans"

"Cap and Trade and Obama's 'Direct Deposit' into Few Bank Accounts from Your Bank Account"

If Obama administration does succeed in its attempt to pass the bill through the Senate, every American household will be see its energy costs rise by over $22,800 from 2012-2035, as evident in an extensive research conducted by "The Heritage Foundation". "The Heritage Foundation" research revealed that our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be hit with a loss of $9.6 trillion dollars, destroying 2.5 million jobs, raising electric rates by 90%, raising gasoline prices by 74%, and raising natural gas prices by 55%, after adjusting for inflation.

The research concluded that a typical family will be paying $1,500 per year extra in utility costs, if the administration does succeed in its attempt to pass this bill, commonly referred to using one of the following names: "Climate Change" / "Cap and Trade" / "Cap and Tax" / "Carbon Tax" / HR 2454 bill."


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