Thursday, June 04, 2009

CBS, MSNBC Declares Osama a "Has-been" and Obama as New Muslim Leader

From the EIB Network-
State run news media declares Barack Hussein Obama the leader of the Muslim world and Osama Bin Laden and company are just washed-up "has-beens".

Lara Logan, "CBS Evening News," live last night from Cairo.

LOGAN: (purring) Sunset in Cairo. The call to prayer rings out. Thousands fill the mosques for Friday prayers.

MUSLIMS: (chanting)

LOGAN: Muslims around the world are paying close attention to the overtures made by Barack Obama. From his first moments as president, America's new leader has raised the hopes of Muslims all over the world, who now expect so much of one man.

MSNBC, the co-anchorette Monica Novotny interviewing Newsweek's Christopher Dickey, also from state-run media.
The question: "We want to ask you about the Bin Laden tape. How much influence, how much attention will this tape get in this part of the world? Is there any chance it might impact President Obama's speech?"

DICKEY: I don't think it's going to have much impact on the president's speech. You know, eh, eh, eh, eh, Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, eh, Osama Bin Laden more and more seen as has-beens in the Muslim world.

DICKEY: "They don't stand for the kind of defiance and resistance that they used to. There are other issues now that are of a lot more concern to Arabs and Muslims than just Al-Qaeda, just those guys up in the mountains of Waziristan or wherever they are. And I think everybody understands now that when they come out with these little video and audio presentations, they're just trying to keep their own myth alive."

NOVOTNY: "Mmm-hmm".

DICKEY: "I don't think that they have much resonance in the Arab world."

There is currently a $50million bounty on Osama Bin Laden's head... if he's a washed-up has-been then why hasn't one of these starving Muslims turned him in?
Meanwhile Muslims laugh at Obama's "slogans" and "sweet talk".


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