Thursday, June 11, 2009

David Horowitz: "Obama Begins to Implode"

David Horowitz has an excellent piece at FrontPage Magazine on the unraveling of Barack Hussein Obama.

Horowitz writes...
"By moving so radically and dramatically he (Obama) unified Republicans right out of the box. He did this through executive orders on borders, stem cell research, and by announcing he was going to close Gitmo among other things.
This unity on the right was accomplished within six weeks of his Administration and will one day rank as one of the most inept, and self-defeating political acts in presidential history.

By moving so radically and swiftly, moreover, within a political framework that the founders set up to frustrate radicalism and within a political culture that is individualistic and distrustful of any government initiative, he has triggered a popular revolt that is sure to grow over time. We have already seen it in the rejection of the California tax initiatives and in the loss of the Democratic Senate majority in New York. These are just straws in the wind, however. Obama now owns the banking system, which he has done absolutely nothing to fix. He owns the auto industry and its immediate future which will not be bright. He is bidding to own the health care system. He already owns the economy with its 9% unemployment rates and rising.

And he is rapidly running out of money to paper over the problems. Already our sovereign debt situation is bad enough that countries financing our debt, like China, which are also our adversaries are blowing warning signals in our direction that our borrowing days are numbered.

And he has a war in Pakistan and a war brewing in Palestine that he can't control.

And now the UN General Assembly has a Libyan president, making symbolic the control of that organization by the medievalists of the Islamic bloc.

The left is on the run in the European Union. The socialist government of England is about to fall..."

Let the implosion begin!


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