Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smalley, aka Franken, Wins Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling

In what might be the ultimate mockery and insult to politics of all time, the Minnesota Supremes ruled for Stuart Smalley, aka Al Franken, to be certified as the winner of the state's long-running Senate race over Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

Smalley, aka Franken, is best known for his Saturday Night Live appearances in "Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley" while Franken is best known for helping start the failing and scandal ridden Air America AM Radio "network" as an attempt at fighting back against Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio.
His Sundance Channel Cable TV broadcasts of the Air America looked more like the SNL skits about NPR than the serious political force it was claimed to be.
Wiki- "Stuart is a member of many (sometimes fictional) twelve-step groups, including Overeaters Anonymous, Children of Alcoholic Parents Anonymous, and Children of Rageaholic Parents Anonymous. He is an effeminate man with a perfectly coiffed bleached-blonde hairdo, who regularly wears a yellow button down shirt with a powder blue cardigan."
Franken is a member of the Hollywood elite that feel guilty for their undeserved success and therefore want the rest of us to pay it back by giving it all to the so-called "poor" that Democrats like Smalley, aka Franken, never actually help.

Wiki-"Stuart is quick to point out that he is not a trained therapist. However, he does his misguided best to help his on-air guests (very often celebrities) to work out what he wrongly perceives to be their problems. In fact, Smalley often projects his own problems onto others; thus he will attempt to solve an issue that is not really there. (For example, in what many believe may have been the most amusing Smalley skit, he tried to help Michael Jordan resolve nonexistent doubts about his basketball-playing ability."
As US Senator Smalley, aka Franken, will do his part to "fix" problems that don't actually exist and "solve and issue that is not really there" in true Democrat(ic) fashion... like global warming, the financial crisis, healthcare, gay marriage and saving the endangered Minnesota fruitnut fly and many many more.

If you like your hypocritical leftwing wacko Hollywood environmentalist nutjobs as crazy as a loon... then Smally, aka Franken, is your guy.


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