Thursday, June 04, 2009

Iran to Obama: "Sweet Talk" and "Slogans" Not Enough For Muslims


"The nations of this part of the world ... deeply hate America because during many years they have seen violence, military interference, rights violations, discrimination ... from America," - Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei said in a televised speech.

"Even if they give sweet and beautiful talks to the Muslim nation ... that will not create a change," said Khamenei, Iran's most powerful figure with the final say on all matters of state. "Nothing will change with speeches and slogans."

He also called Israel, which Iran does not recognize, a "cancerous tumor in the heart" of the Muslim world.

In fact, Barack Hussein Obama's attempt to reach out with a softer tone is seen by the Muslim world as weakness and defeat for America and a step toward victory for Islam.

"If you (Muslims) see that the Western world is talking more softly to you it is the result of public awareness and resistance in the Islamic world," Khamenei said.

Islam will not be satisfied until Israel is destroyed, so look for Obama to throw Israel under the bus and to the wolves... and if that happens, God help us.

Press TV- "Obama Speech to Embarrass Israel?"
"Israeli officials fear that US President Barack Obama's upcoming message to the Muslim world could exacerbate the already tense US-Israel relations.

Tel Aviv is awaiting the speech with "suspense and embarrassment" over the possible consequences it may have on relations with Washington, a senior Foreign Ministry official said late Wednesday, Ynet reported. "

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