Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iraqis Say What Obama Can't Say.... "VICTORY"

Iraqi Prime Minster Maliki declared that the draw-down of US troops signals the VICTORY of the successful Iraqi democracy over the foreign insurgents (al qaeda Sunnis from Syria AND Shi'ites from Iran) who threatened to occupy Iraq had the US withdrawn too soon as leading Democrats had called for over and over during the course of the war.

Maliki, a shi'ite said the start of the U.S. withdrawal was a "great victory" for Iraq over foreign occupation.

"I, and you, are sure that many don't want us to succeed and celebrate this victory," he said. "They are getting themselves ready to move in the dark to destabilize the situation, but we will be ready for them, God willing."

Almost all U.S. soldiers will leave urban centers by June 30 under a security pact signed by Baghdad and Washington last year, and the whole force that invaded the country in 2003 must be gone by 2012.

"Don't lose heart if a breach of security occurs here or there," Maliki told leaders from the ethnic Turkmen community, reiterating a warning that insurgents were likely to try to take advantage of the U.S. pullback to launch more attacks.

Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Abdul-Karim Khalaf said al-Qaeda was resorting to paying people to fight for it. It had also turned to criminal activities to raise funds.

"It is a very important development. It shows al-Qaeda is starting to loss its impact," Khalaf told reporters."

Meanwhile, President Barack Hussein Obama still refuses to admit the surge he opposed worked, much less VICTORY in Iraq!

History will show George W Bush changed the face of the middle east in such a way that may save us all and our grandchildren from total Jihad and from future wars there.

Iraq is that democracy in the heart of the middle east, a friend to the United States and an ally in the war on terror (manmade disasters for you libs) that President Bush told us they would be when stating the goal for the war in Iraq from the get-go.

Way to go "Dub-Ya"... Mission Accomplished" Part II !


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