Sunday, June 07, 2009

Leftwingers Caught Spying for Communist Cuba, Democrats Undecided on Medals or Prison Time

We will have to wait and see if Obama and the new Socialist-Democratic party give Mr and Mrs Meyers a heroes medal for patriotism or put them both in prison for up to 35 years.

It could go either way.

Washington Times-
"Mr. Myers, a 72-year-old former State Department analyst with a top-secret security clearance (also a college professor), and Mrs. Myers, 71, appeared in federal court to answer charges of conspiracy to act as illegal agents of the Cuban government, passing classified information, and wire fraud."

They did it for "ideological reasons" as the couple were both born into wealth which made it difficult to catch them.

"Authorities say the Myers' ultimately passed on more than 200 sensitive or classified State Department intelligence reports concerning Cuba over a 30 year period. Mrs. Myers' preferred method of passing the documents involved exchanging shopping carts with Cuban operatives at the grocery store.

The FBI said they communicated with their Cuban handlers using a short-wave radio kept in their apartment."

This is a perfect example of just how much those on the left "love"America.

By selling it out to the nearest communist thug.


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