Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lefty Blogger "Just Not Right"

In his latest example of how to be exactly wrong, kittenstomper at "Just Not Right" blog claims nine apparently non-related murders are some kind of right-wing conspiracy that another paranoid extreme leftwing liberal blogger (calls himself a "journalist") actually cooked up and uses this as a chance to say "terrorism" to strike fear into the hearts of some poor child who might have the unfortunate displeasure of stumbling upon his blog. At least he warns people right there in the name of the blog because he's usually "just not right".

First, it's "manmade disaster" not "terrorism".... remember?
Next... the Holocaust Museum shooter was also a Christian hating socialist, so how does that make him part of some right-wing conspiracy?
Next, conservatives, Republicans and the Christian right have absolutely ZERO in common with racists, Nazis or the criminally insane. Attempts by the radical extreme left to make these false connections really demonstrates the level of hate and also the level to which they will stoop in attempts to gain more power by destroying their political enemies any way they can.

Conservatives are the first to throw these murderers in jail and in some cases give them the death penalty... it will be those on the left that run to their defense once they repent their ways and praise Obama or leftists ideals of course.

Somebody get the net.
As Jed Clampett used to say about Jethro.... that boy is "just not right".


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