Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oklahoma Weather Coverage Beats Colorado Hands-Down

One thing Oklahoma has that is far superior to Colorado is the weather service coverage.
Today, as storms roll out from the foot of the Rocky Mountains to become major storms in Oklahoma and Kansas, Coloradoans are treated to last minute sirens and an official tornado warning. The local TV news has a scroll along the bottom and occasional break-in update.
But unlike Oklahoma we don't get to see close-ups of the radar with all the major streets put in and those little arrows which point the direction and speed of the storm cell, nor do we get those predictions of towns and times the storm is headed for. Oklahoma keeps you informed.

Here you get sirens, a loud speaker you can't really hear blaring in Spanish outside and a worthless motionless radar image... double-doppler do-little inside on the TV. Brilliant.

Oklahoma takes tornadoes seriously, as it should... Colorado pretends to take them seriously to cover it's rear, but the coverage is embarrassing at best.


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