Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Operation Iraqi Freedom" a Success, Iraqi Focus Shifts to Economy

You can say it... go ahead, it feels good. I will say it for you then....Ladies and gentlemen we have victory in Iraq, "Mission-2 Accomplished". We now have "A free and stable Iraq, a friend to the United States and a partner in the war on terror". -W43

There wasn't a civil war, the surge worked, US troops (and other coalition forces) are coming out of Iraq as Iraqi forces are standing up.

Bush was right and Obama is still wrong... and now stuck in the quagmire known as Afghanistan.

From Iraq-June 10 2009

Iraq transfer nears completion; focus shifts to job creation.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The Government of Iraq is preparing to take control of the remaining Sons of Iraq members from coalition forces, and efforts to transition the group’s members into new government jobs are accelerating, Coalition authorities say. “Now that we’ve got the transfers nearly complete, we are turning our focus to the transition of SOI into jobs,” said Col. Jeffrey Kulmayer, chief of reconciliation, Multi- National Corps – Iraq. As the Coalition turns over more security responsibilities to the Iraqi government in accordance with a U.S.-Iraq security agreement, assisting in the Sons of Iraq transfer-and-transition process is a key Coalition commitment, Kulmayer said.


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