Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quote of the Week Goes to Stan Geiger

Stan Geiger had a terrific take on Veep Joe Biden and the Stimulus money that isn't stimulating anything except growing the government.

It seems that "Don't mess with Joe" Biden was asked to justify the Obama administration claim that 150,000 jobs have been "saved or created" in the first 100 days.

Biden's answer was that 14,000 teachers in NY that were given notice are still on the job.

You know how teachers' unions work: a teacher can't be fired for incompetence. Not without a team of lawyers and an act of Congress, at least. It figures the 14,000 teachers that were noticed were the most incompetent that could be isolated. Not having the money to pay them provided an excellent reason to get them off the payroll.

And now the quote of the week.

"Uncle Sam's intervention probably just cheated New Yorkers out of a golden opportunity for a purge."- Stan Geiger


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