Thursday, June 04, 2009

Required Reading: Dhimmitude For Dhummies and other Infidels

President Obama recently declared that America is a "Muslim Country".

In light of this news, here is a crash course on how to get along as a Christian, Jew, or even as a non-believer (infidel) in a Muslim country... like Obama's America.

Dhimmitude: What is It?

As Muslim immigration to non-Muslim countries ramps up and Muslim breeding rates soar, we hear growing claims that Islam will easily overpower others by any of the various means of Jihad. Jihad is an Arabic word which comes from the root word "jahada"; which means "exerting utmost effort" or "to strive". In Islamic tradition it means "to struggle in the way of Allah" and is sometimes referred to as the sixth tenneth of Islam.

For the vast majority of practising Muslims Jihad means a Holy War, a military struggle in the name of Allah.
The entire sura 9 (The Sura of the Sword) of the Qur’an deals with Jihad and Muslim duties related to the spreading of Dar al Islam.
In addition to the above, the Hadith defines Jihad as a violent warfare against infidels on 199 occasions.
In contrast, the theory of a Greater Jihad or a peaceful inner struggle is based upon only one reference and from a non authoritative collection of Hadith.
Today all the legal Islamists posing as moderates try to convince their Western audience that it is the ‘Greater Jihad’, which is the most important for Muslim spiritual life but the actions of militant Islam everywhere seem to contradict this claim.

We need to study the position of Dhimmis – non-Muslims living under Islamic control to fully appreciate the joy of Islamic rule to know why we must halt Islam’s progress.

is the position (allowed culture) of the non-Muslim under a comprehensive Islamic legal system that regulates every aspect of the non-Muslims’ lives and fixes their theological, legal, social, economic and political role - with no possibility of change as allah’s laws remain forever. Dhimmitude encompasses the behaviour and thinking of subjugated others in constant fear of their lives under Islam’s repressive religious apartheid system. Dhimmis are vulnerable, fearful, passive, servile, cowardly, inferior, alienated and humiliated in their state of dhimmitude. Eventually dhimmis internalise their debasement, degradation and fear and blame themselves for their situation, showing ‘gratitude’ to Islamic law which at least lets them live if they accept their debased, humiliated position and pay the taxes and required services to Islam. Dhimmis cannot conceive of dignity, equality or freedom and conceal their situation. Such concealment can still be seen in eastern Christians , the best apologists for systems which are destroying them (Ye’or p 108)
Dhimmitude is a culture that has forgotten its origins, its history and allows its achievements to be taken by Islam.

Dhimmis are slightly better off than HARBIs (non-Muslims living in an area outside Islamic control) because they have no rights and their blood and property are licit prey for any Muslim anytime. Infidels and apostates can be killed with impunity (Bat Ye’or p55).

Muslim and non-Muslim chroniclers and eyewitness reports often from travelling Europeans (historians, merchants, diplomats, clergy, scientists) note very similar treatment of others across the Islamic world across the centuries - complete degradation, humiliation and violence, special clothing and marks on dhimmi homes, travel restrictions, dhimmis passing Muslims on their left (impure side), unfair treatment in the courts etc, not to mention the obliterated villages, massive enslavement and deportations. Many groups have left no history

NEW ! Advanced Dhimmitude- Laws for You: ..."Political and Economic Aspects"

What do these laws mean for you, the dhimmi?
"We have the ideal of equality before the law, Islam does not. Dhimmis are not ‘citizens’ because they don’t belong to the ‘ideological’ Islamic state ( Quote, Bostom p 34). The general conditions of dhimmitude, prescribed in Sharia - means "path" in Arabic. It refers to the body of Islamic Law, which is based upon The Qur'an and the Hadith. Additionally it is supported by historical rulings, interpretations and precedent. There is not just one strictly codified uniform set of laws pertaining to Sharia.
There are five different schools of Islamic law, which differ from each other in their rigorousness.
Sunni Muslims follow one of the listed schools Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki or Shafii while Shia Muslims follow Jaafari school of thoughts. Sharia controls and orders all areas of life. It is not a moral law for the sensitizing of conscience but is a penal law, requiring the punishment of violators through an instrument of the state. Islam demands a religious state as an executor to enforce the law. From this perspective there is no ‘legal’ difference between killing of a fellow Muslim and not following the five daily prayers prescribed by Sharia apart of course from the severity of the punishment.

Economic discrimination
Inferiority in Legal Proceedings
A dhimmi's life is worth less than a Muslim's life
No compensation for the destruction of dhimmi property
All land belongs to Islam for the benefit of Muslims
Dhimmi's cannot own land
Dhimmi's cannot hold public office or exercise any authority over Muslims
Denied self protection, Dhimmi's cannot own or carry firearms
Dhimmi's must house and feed Islamic soldiers as required in the best homes, churches etc.
Dhimmi labor supplied as an obligation with little or no renumeration

Welcome to the religion of peace and Obama's America... a Muslim country.


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