Sunday, June 14, 2009

Un-Freaking-Believable, CBS Compares Iran's Ahmanutjob to George W Bush

The US government run news media has finally gone completely insane.
Since this piece below was written before the election you will see some in the US government run media scramble to cry "stolen election" so they can continue to live that phoney fantasy about Bush as well as those posed in this story and I do mean "story", a whopper in fact.

CBS News- "Meet Iran's George W. Bush"
"On June 12, Iranian voters will choose among four leading candidates for president, but their real choice is singular: whether to continue on the course plotted by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This ought to be a no-brainer: Ahmadinejad has made a mess of the economy, clamped down on political dissent and social freedoms, militarized the state, and earned the enmity of much of the world. In large Iranian cities, even those who voted for him in 2005 are almost unanimous in their disappointment. But in Iranian elections, demographics are everything. It all depends on who, exactly, shows up to the polls. Iran has its own version of the Red State dynamic."

Oh really? Drinking Democrat Kool-aid MUCH?
Iranian election results depends on who's counting the votes... and in this case the Supreme Leader and Mahmoud Ahmanutjob (spelled Ahmadinejad) don't need to actually "count" the votes since they already knew the winner long before election day.

Of course the author of the piece had a horse in the race...

"Mousavi is not Iran's Barack Obama. He's more like John Kerry, and this election year is strikingly like 2004 in the United States. The incumbent president is deeply unpopular at home and abroad. He came to power with a dubious mandate, but governed in a polarizing fashion that has divided even his one-time allies. Iranians have paid the price in every area of life that is touched by the government. The election is Mousavi's to lose--but to win it, he will need to unite a divided opposition, and inspire at least a few of the beleaguered urban voters who have stopped going to the polls."

And when CBS News figures out the election results show Ahmanutjob won in a "landslide"... they will be the first to say he stole the election... "just like George W Bush".

What a bunch of lying partisan hypocritical morons at CBS.

(hat tip to Flopping Aces)


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