Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Does The Left Find So Attractive About Dictators, Fascists and Other Thugs?

I've got a serious question for you hardcore lefties out there.

Why do those on the left ALWAYS side with oppressive dictators instead of supporting the freedom seeking oppressed people of the world?

Like the current situation in Iran for example. It's an easy call to make... oppressed people being beaten and murdered in the streets while protesting a phony election. Who do you side with?

Take a brief surf around the left side of the blog-o-sphere searching for support of the Iranian protesters being murdered in the streets across Iran following last weeks highly contested phony elections. Good Luck.

You will find little to nothing in the way of support for the Iranian people and freedom but plenty criticizing conservatives for supporting the Iranian people and freedom.

Same thing with Iraq... a country that has succeeded in forming itself into a self governing democracy, now with a growing thriving economy and ally to America in the war on terror, but the left would still prefer that the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein (no relation to Barack Hussein) were still running his rape-rooms and gas chambers while scamming money from the UN to put into weapons R&D. Not a word on the recent declaration of VICTORY by Iraqi's themselves... nothing.

Okie Funk
's dochoc thinks that writing about the urgency of spending your tax dollars to "save the (swimming) pools" trumps all reports about freedom seeking people in Iran being oppressed by facists.

The Daily Kos' only mention is to criticize and condemn Republicans for supporting the Iranian people.

Air America- "...has taken a hands-off approach to the protests"

NY Times on CNN Coverage: CNN's Coverage of Iranian Protests Criticized
"The performance of the American cable news, especially CNN, spawned an online protest by thousands on Saturday and Sunday, showing that viewers can try to pressure news organizations about their coverage in real time via the Internet."
John Kerry: "Let's Be Silent Concerning Iran"

And on and on... they write and talk about anything BUT freedom and the possibility of the face of the middle east changing before our very eyes. Iraq is already a free self governing country and friend to the US. Having Iranians thinking in the same direction is truly remarkable.

But one might get the impression that the left in America favors socialist, communist and fascist style of government over freedom, liberty and individual rights based on their opposition to freedom in countries other than our own.

Hiding behind the phony line of "not meddling" is in fact meddling just as much as supporting free and fair elections and opposing murdering protesters in the street would be meddling.

Knowingly allowing something wrong and unfair to go uncontested and unchallenged is in effect supporting it.

Do you think the French or the Britts wish we had not "meddled" in Germany's business in WWII?

The left in America think it's fine to meddle anywhere in the world EXCEPT when it comes to opposing some wacko-lunatic fascist or communist or socialist nutjob.
Then it's "hands-off".


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