Friday, July 24, 2009

The Democrat(ic) Cutlure of Corruption: ACORN Payola

From Flopping Aces

Funding a permanent campaign organization with OUR tax dollars!

Imagine the hue and cry that would erupt if a Republican President and Congress used taxpayer funds to support a permanent campaign organization to elect more Republicans.

Well, that is exactly what Obama and the Dems have been doing with these massive spending bills. First it was the stimulus bill that didn’t create jobs for average Americans but was instead a big payoff to groups like ACORN. Then, there was the auto bailout deal with turned over the auto companies to the unions. That was another windfall worth billions.

Now, health care bills in both the House and the Senate mandate even more payola to ACORN!

Fleckman, the blogger made famous by twittering what he found in the bill House Dems are pushing for health care “reform” found these nuggets that relate directly to ACORN:

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