Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The "Emergent" Church

The subject of Emergence and the Emergent Church movement came up in the comments section of my post on Politics and God recently. There have been a number of new leftists Christian churches popping up on the scene, but the emergence movement is much more subversive and the agenda more hidden.

From The Pilgrim Platform:

Fads have become the engines that drive culture in the 21st Century. Corporations chase fads in order to profit from them in various ways. Corporations also create fads as a means of marketing their products. The ideal marketing program is the establishment of a cult following such as Harley Davidson has done in the motorcycle world. To understand this phenomenon see GoingFaster.com, BusinessWeek.com and TheMotleyFool.com

The latest fad to hit the church scene is known as "The Emergent Church" (Emergent Church Vocabulary). So, what exactly is the emergent church? It's hard to tell because it is still emerging. Nonetheless, careful examination of the roots of "emergent theory" (The Concept Of Emergence) will reveal the driving spirit behind the fad.

The Emergent Church

As for church, "Emergent" is a name that is being used at the moment to describe the church's response to the current emerging culture, and the peculiar aggregation of believers being called up out of this culture to follow Jesus back into it.

FULL STORY on the Emergent movement.


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