Friday, July 03, 2009

"Leader of Free World" First Turns His Back on People of Iran, Now He Stiffs the Honduras

Remember how Obama and his fellow Dhimmicrats told us how they were going to change America's image in the world?
They were right.

Story From Flopping Aces-

"Never a word from the Obama regime about Venezuela’s threat to invade Honduras and restore Chavez crony and fellow usurper Zelaya to power, but there is no lack of volume in Obama’s actions. Instead of facing Venezuela with a palm turned “stop,” Obama is pointedly walking away. AP headline: “U.S. halts military operations with Honduras to protest coup.”

This is not just some planned military exercise that has been cancelled. Honduras is a close military ally and a base of operations for the United States in Central America. We will continue to use our bases, but as of now, the Hondurans are on their own.

Obama knows better than anyone that the arrest of Zeyala was completely legal and was not a coup

When AP calls the military arrest of Zeyala a “coup,” they are just following Obama, but the Obama regime was fully informed all along of the details of Zeyala’s attempted usurpation and fought vigorously to forstall his arrest:"

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So restoring America's image in the world meant turning our backs on freedom, fair elections and democracy and embracing brutal dictators, communists, tyrants and other despots.

When is enough enough America?


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