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My Take on Larry's Take "Making Conservatism Look Bad"

Maybe I can help Larry at My Take blog out, he seems confused about conservatives and conservatism, humans and human beings. Yes we conservatives expect more out of our politicians than Democrats do in terms of morals and ethics, but Larry (like the liberals) has fallen into this false perception that unless perfection is achieved, then the entire message is invalid.

Larry starts off with a false assumption...

"It has always been a struggle to find a spokesman for conservatism".

Wrong, unless you consider the normal process of selecting elected officials as "a struggle", but he didn't say elected official did he, he said "Spokesman"... and again that would be wrong.

Rush Limbaugh by sheer ratings and numbers alone been the clear un-challenged spokesman for conservatism for nearly 20 years now. The fact that he is the most listened to radio talk show on the airwaves to this very day is testimony to the fact that there has been no struggle whatsoever to find a spokesman for conservatism. Larry may not like Limbaugh, but that would not change the fact.

Other spokesmen for conservatism are Newt Gingrich, Duncan Hunter, Mitt Romney, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the list goes on and on. There are plenty of spokes-women as well Larry... Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter... Lynne Cheney, (no not Meagan McCain) even the former head of a NOW in CA Tammy Bruce... but I digress.

Larry goes on to clarify...
"Trying to determine who would best be able to win against the Democrats and then President Obama has been a challenge."

..."Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin, and Mark Sanford have all been mentioned. John Ensign was even thrown into the mix, now and again."

The election was last November, Obama has been in office 6 months dude and you are upset that Republicans haven't already had their primaries and picked a candidate for 2012?
C'mon man.. are you for real? Sanford? Ensign?

"One by one, they seem to be going by the way side. Senator Ensign was discovered to have had an affair with one of his staffers and from all indications, it appears he tried to buy her and her husband off to keep the affair out of the public view. Governor Palin has since her own troubles in Alaska and we all know full well the troubles Governor Mark Sanford has been having in South Carolina."

Larry... Ensign and Sanford were not even on the radar until their scandal's broke. The frontrunners are as popular as they were. In spite of continued attacks by the left, Palin remains just as popular in the latest poll (that you hate to mention) like 72% approval with Republicans and Romney is just as popular as he ever was. You gotta stop believing everything you read over at daily kos Larry.

"Conservative Republicans are having a rough time of it right now, trying to find their footing among a party that seems to be bent on going more and more moderate."

Actually Larry, if you look at the polls and numbers, it is Democrats who are having a rough time of it right now in the public eye. Are you kidding, trillions in spending and run-away government... Republicans are looking better and better every day... scandal or no scandals in the voters eyes. Just look around you instead of believing what the government run media and are telling you man.

Hold Democrats and liberals to the same standard you hold Republicans and conservatives to and the country will be fine in 2010 and 2012. By repeating the false premises and inaccuracies you have gotten elsewhere, your post actually just seems designed to make conservatism look bad, but I'll give ya' the benefit of the doubt that wasn't your intent.

Hope this helps cheer you up Larry, glad to help.


Anonymous LarryJackson said...

Red Stater,

I am glad you seem to find my article so amusing. It's good to know I made someone laugh today.

Would now be a good time to bring up the fact that you have completely missed the point of my article? Regardless of how much time we may have before the next elections, conservatives will do themselves no good by continuing to act the way some of them have acted.

I am not upset that the Republicans have not picked a candidate for 2012. I was merely making a statement about the polls that were already being taken to show who the front runner would be on any given day.

You make an assumption at the end of your own article that I am repeating false premises and inaccuracies I have gotten elsewhere. That assumption is false. I am simply making an observation. I was not trying to make conservatism look bad and I do not read Daily KOS.

Make fun of my article all you want, that's okay. Just remember this. If conservatives do not shape up before 2012, we do not stand a chance of defeating President Obama and preventing him from gaining a second term. Just my honest opinion and one that I sincerely hope I am wrong with.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I didn't miss anything Larry, I got your point... the question is, did you get mine or were you so concerned about your feelings getting hurt that you missed it?

Nobody is perfect Larry... are you?
If so, then run for office and I'll betcha' somebody thinks they know something bad about 'ol Larry.

Conservatives throw our own offenders under the bus Larry... it is part of the weeding out process.
We need to weed out not only the corrupt and unfaithful but also the pretenders.. the RINO's have gotta go before Republicans will win anything.

I hammered those guys like every conservative did when they screwed up and called for their resignation.

So, all I'm sayin' is stop focusing on the past and look how bright the future looks now that we have weeded those idiots out... my question... WHO'S NEXT?


9:01 AM  
Anonymous LarryJackson said...

I am not and was not claiming to be perfect. All I am saying is that the actions some of our so-called conservatives have taken makes conservatism as a whole look like there is nothing to it. No, we are not all a bunch of hypocrites, but a lot of the general public perceives us all as such when they see things like this going on.Should they group us all together? Probably not, but it gets done anyway.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

The main stream media and those on the left are going to say whatever they can say to help themselves and Democrats stay in power.

Republicans can best respond by holding their own accountable when they screw up and moving on.

We are holding Sanford and others accountable so my point is that by not moving on you are only perpetuating the myth that you claim to be trying to dispel.

You seem to be the one judging all Republicans by the mis-steps of a couple of no-name nobody's and by what the Palin hating media says about Palin. That is exactly what the left is doing too, thus my thinking you might have read something written or said by the likes of the daily kos or NBC news for that matter.

Sorry if I offended ya' but it seemed to me you were guilty of exactly what you are accusing the rest of the country of doing... misjudging conservatives.

As I said, if you seek it out... there is great evidence that the Republican party and conservative candidates are looking just fine for 2010 and 2012.

12:33 PM  

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