Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nonpartisan... Just LikeThe NonPartisan League?

I've been hearing a lot lately about the concept of "nonpartisan" which I believe is a misnomer and is not only non-existent but in fact impossible considering human nature and the way our brains work.

But, much to my surprise there is such a thing and there is even a league of nonpartisans.

Neither Democrat nor Republican, these independent thinking nonpartisans are the wave of the future unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Just imagine a world where there is no left or right, no Democrats or Republicans, only that heavenly nirvana where everything is beautiful and gray... no poor or hungry, no rich and greedy either, just the bliss of being nonpartisan.

WIKIPEDIA- The Nonpartisan League was formed in 1915 by former Socialist Party organizer A. C. Townley.
"Although it began as a faction within the Republican Party, the NPL merged with the Democratic Party of North Dakota in 1956. The Executive Committee of the NPL still formally exists within the party structure of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL headed by former State Senator S. F. "Buckshot" Hoffner (D-NPL, Esmond), Chairman and former Lt. Governor Lloyd B. Omdahl, Secretary."

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is about as close to nonpartisan as you will ever get... which is to say there is no such thing as nonpartisanship and EVEN a group named the "Nonpartisan League" is actually just another partisan political group pretending not to be.

(Photo above of Nonpartisan League's Woodsworth, James Shaver
Nonpartisan League's Woodsworth was the best known of the reform-minded Social Gospel ministers and led many of them into the politics of democratic socialism - courtesy Library and Archives Canada/C-55449)


Blogger Dave said...

Not trying to sound like a broken record here Red, but there is a difference between natural bias and being a partisan. A partisan is willing blind to anything that they disagree with. I am not that way. Am I a fallible human? Absolutely, but I’ve never claimed not to be one. I at least try my hardest to be fair-minded and I think the majority of the time I do a fairly descent job of it. This doesn’t make me better than you or anyone else. I’ve never said that you or Okie Funk or anyone was a bad person (with the exception of Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton, I do think they are bad people). I have condemned the tactics that you use and will continue to do so. You use snark and spew a lot of hateful things on your blog instead of taking time to actually make your points. That was what my post that you linked to was all about. You seem to have taken it as a personal attack, but it wasn’t. Like I said in my comments there, I like but I can’t stand your tactics.

Also, I just love how you try to get me to join the GOP because of my stance on gun ownership and late-term abortions, but you then throw me in with the rest of the partisan left. Which is it? Am I one of the evil lefties like Okie Funk or Kittenstomper or am I a “respectable” liberal like Joe Lieberman? Make up your mind.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

We are disagreeing on the meaning of what is "is" again.

IF by your definition of partisan it includes the word "BLINDLY" following a party faction or cause then you could not be more wrong about me. I don't believe the word "blind" is necessary in defining partisan... since many people are intentionally partisan and not blind at all, but choose to look the other way. That is almost worse isn't it dave?

I follow no cause other than that of conservative rational thought that makes sense to me and I owe nothing to any political party except a vote for the one I agree with.. not for the one that pretends the most to agree with the most.

So give me an example of my "blind" partisanship dave.... since I have provided several examples of yours.

What exactly am I "blind" to and not seeing dave?
Was I blind to the Sanford scandal... uhhh nope.
Was I blind to any of the other conservatives who screwed up?

Please... feel free to be specific and elaborate... enlighten me.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

I’ve had an epiphany Red. You are right. I lay down to your mental, physical, moral, ethical, and religious superiority. You are all wise and all knowing, just like Rush, and you provide nothing but kind and courteous opinions to better the world on your blog. I will now submit my will to the Republican Party and fall in line with you and your brethren. Thank you Red. My life is now so much better.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

In all seriousness Red, when have you ever said that conservative ideas didn’t hold the answers for society? When? As far as I can tell you haven’t and THAT is what being a partisan is all about.

But I digress and lay back down in submission to your superiority.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

So now... you say that if someone believes that they are right about something... based on their research and their own conclusions... that makes them partisan?

The definition keeps

Now anyone who thinks that they are right about their views on how government and politics should work is a partisan.

Therefore only the people who believe they are wrong about their own political views are credible to you?

lol... my God man, what a nasty net you've woven.
No wonder you voted for Barack Obama.

11:59 AM  

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