Thursday, July 09, 2009

Real Climate Change... (Not the Man-Made-Up Kind)

Good news for all you liberal Leftwing Wacko Enviro-Nazis...
The natural (not man caused) weather pattern known as "El Nino" is coming back!
Now liberals far and wide can point to rising ocean temps as proof we are destroying the planet. (Never mind El Nino is not caused by man or carbon or SUV's)

"In general, El Nino conditions are associated with increased rainfall across the east-central and eastern Pacific and with drier than normal conditions over northern Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

A summer El Nino can lead to wetter than normal conditions in the intermountain regions of the United States. In an El Nino year there tend to be more Eastern Pacific hurricanes and fewer Atlantic hurricanes."

Do you know what this means boys and girls?

"Obama Backs Big Government Plan To Halt Global Warming"

lol... "as if".

We now know that El Nino causes far more greenhouse gases than SUV's or the American lifestyle and is a far greater threat to cause natural disasters. We also know that man cannot control or even effect the climate and or climate change.

"One of the biggest threats from El Nino comes from the release of vast amounts of greenhouse gases through the burning of dried out forests.

During the very intense El Nino of 1997/98, fires in Southeast Asia released between 2.9 billion - 9.4 billion tonnes of CO2, blanketing the region in a choking haze.

The smoke equated to between 15 and 40 percent of global fossil fuel emissions and is credited with causing a spike in global temperatures.

By comparison, average annual emissions from forest fires in Southeast Asia between 2000 and 2006 were 470 million tonnes of CO2, while average fossil fuel emissions for the same period in the region were 543 million tonnes of CO2.

"The fundamental problem is we don't simulate El Nino very well with our existing climate models," said Harry Hendon, a senior climate scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne."

So scientists admit they can't predict the climate or climate changes "very well" and and that natural causes (like El Nino) determine global temps and fluctuations in climate patterns... but Obama and company continue to claim they can control the weather and climate by taxing Americans to death.


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