Sunday, August 09, 2009

Democrats Cancel Obamacare Pep-Rallies and Attack American Citizens

They Have Identified The Enemy and it is The American People

Obama's big socialized medicine propaganda-extravaganza infomercial-palooza i.e. "Town Hall Meetings"- aren't exactly going as planned to put it mildly. In fact they are going so horribly that Democrats are cancelling them and running for the hills... as in the Hamptons or Beverly Hills or any hill they can throw rocks and mud and namecalling from behind will do.

The series of phony town hall style get-togethers were designed to create the image that Democrats were "informing the public" on our medical care... a subject politicians no absolutely nothing about in the first place.

How's it going?
As my friend Dave at Oklahomly blog says, ... I link, you decide.
Police Called To Memphis Town Hall Meeting

Democrats Cancel Town Hall Healthcare Meeting Citing "Safety Concerns"

Health-care outbursts foreshadow hot August...

RAGE: Georgia Dem yells at local doctor over health care...

Developing: - Pelosi, Democrats Call Town Hall Protesters 'Un-American' in USA Today piece.


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