Friday, August 14, 2009

Democrats Stage "Phony Doctor" At Town Hall Meetings

Thanks to Flopping Aces-

Funny how the Dems accuse opponents of Obama’s Hell Care of being set up or paid when that is exactly what THEY are doing!

Remember the Town Hall meeting on health care held by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (DEMOCRAT-TX) where she rudely talked on her cell phone instead of listening to the question of a real constituent? (video here)

Well, maybe Ms. Jackson Lee was on her phone asking her staff “where’s that fake doctor you planted in here for me to call on.”

Eventually, she found her. Right there in the front row center:

Ms. Jackson Lee embraces “doctor” Roxana Mayer, a “general practitioner” for the last four years. Except of course she’s not. Mayer is a former Texas delegate for Obama, whose name is proudly listed on Obama’s campaign web page.

What’s more is that Mayer doesn’t even live in Jackson Lee’s district. I thought those Dems were going to crack down on that kind of thing? One wonders if Mayer will show up to vote for Jackson Lee in 2010 anyway. Why not? If you can fake being a doctor, why not fake being a voter?
Phony Doc is Friend of Obama Commie Lover

Also sitting in the front row, next to the phony doctor was Mayer’s friend, Maria Isabel, who made a name for herself when she was photographed at an Obama campaign office in Houston sitting at a desk in front of a flag honoring Che Guevara, the famed communist mass murderer of Cuba.

Email the White House at and tell them you found something REALLY FISHY going on at Cong. Lee’s Town Hall.


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