Thursday, August 06, 2009

Missed It By THAT Much...

Just think America, we could be having a discussion about our Vice President's affair, love child and corruption scandal had we elected John Kerry and John Edwards in 04 and again for a second term in 08.

Wouldn't that have been "special"?

That's what Democrats were keeping secret and had in store for us during the same time those same Democrats were persecuting and condemning Mark Foley and any other Republican they could find that had an affair or scandal to exploit.

"Rielle Hunter, ex-mistress to Senator John Edwards, arrived to a federal courthouse in Raleigh, North Carolina Thursday morning with her baby in her arms.

Hunter stepped out of an SUV, picked up her child Francis Quinn from the backseat and walked into the courtroom.

Edwards is under federal investigation over payments amounting to $114, 000 that were given to Hunter's production company. Hunter was making a movie about Edwards, while he was attempting for the second time to become the Democratic presidential nominee."

Instead we are just dealing with the most corrupt, irresponsible and self serving socialist regime ever to hit American soil.


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