Thursday, August 06, 2009

Now THAT'S Funny, I don't Care Who You Are !

If you want a really good laugh, check this out. It also happens to be proof the opposition to Obamacare is working.

The wacko-left is upset, foaming at the mouth, rabid and showing genuinely manufactured outrage in fact, over someone (conservatives) having the audacity to dare to question or God forbid, disagree with "the Messiah".

"Orchestrated unruly mobs of misinformed, angry, right wing republicans are successfully frustrating efforts of members of Congress to hold informative town hall public meetings with constituents. Armed with pamphlets and talking points printed off republican web sites, these sign-carrying, shouting barbarians come to public meetings to disrupt and not to discuss."

Funny, wild wacky stuff... and he's just getting warmed up.

Manufactured phony outrage you ask?
Purely. (Or blatant partisan hypocrisy)

If not, where was this outrage when code pink, ACORN and the various Democrat(ic) organized, manufactured, bussed-in, rent-a-protesters were carrying manufactured signs shouting "No Blood for Oil" and "Bush is a Nazi" etc., disrupting the Minute Men from speaking at Columbia University, insulting Sec of State Condi Rice, Vice President Cheney, harassing baning CEO's at their homes and kid's schools.... WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE FROM THESE SO-CALLED "CONCERNED CITIZENS" (lol) THEN?


Blogger Red S Tater said...

There was one part of his rambling manic rant that I liked a lot... the phrase "successfully frustrating efforts of members of Congress" .

11:01 AM  

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