Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Remember "Vote or Die" ? I say Oppose Obama-care or Die

This one is for the President in response to his new "report a dissenter" program.

The President is not being honest with you. His healthcare plan is absolutely socialized medicine, make no mistake about it. His healthcare plan is a scam, make no mistake about it. Your medical care will get worse under Obama-care, make no mistake about it.

Remember "Vote or Die" because Bush was going to draft you and send you off to an illegal immoral war that we couldn't win, where you were (according to the slogan) going to die?

Since socialized medicine doesn't work anywhere on the planet and people are dying as a result of socialize medicine everywhere it exists, and in the spirit of "vote or die", I suggest we all "oppose Obama-care or die".
-red stater

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