Wednesday, August 05, 2009

When Democrats Attack

It's very predictable. When Democrats get the jitters that people are catching on to their lies and scams and corruption, what do they do?

Attack of course!
And when Democrats attack it means personal destruction and lies and ridicule just as it is written in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Nancy "the CIA lied" Pelosi is now running around claiming that common everyday people who are attending the town hall meetings scheduled by Democrats to sell their healthcare scam are "carrying swastica's" and such. Other Democrats are crying that these are out of control mob's.

(Like ACORN and code pink protesters?)

Video: Pelosi- Town Hall Protesters are carrying swastika's

VIDEO: DNC Web Ad Attacks Protesters At Dem Town Halls

VIDEO: Man Yells "You're A Liar" To House Leader Steny Hoyer

Take a moment and remember how the adults (Bush & Co) handled protesters and criticism...

I don't recall Condi Rice running to the media whining and complaining and making up lies when code pink repeatedly insulted and yelled and got in her face.

George Bush didn't complain about the horrible things said about him at protests...

In fact George W Bush defended the Dixie Chix right to disagree and said that is what is great about America.

Won't it be great to have the adults back in charge again?

Un-elect Obama 2012

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