Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who Agreed to That?

Two leaders met this weekend who said they were ready to spend billions of dollars (euros) financing projects in other countries to help thwart US domination.
(This new agreement) “... will permit us to underpin investments ... Above all in those countries whose governments are making efforts to liberate themselves from the (US) imperialist yoke,” said ??????.
“This fund, my brother,” (??????) said referring to (????????), “Will become a mechanism for liberation.” “Death to US imperialism!” he said.
President (????????) called it a “very important” decision that would help promote “Joint cooperation in third countries,” especially in Latin American and African countries.

What type of "projects" are they already financing?
...bankrolling militant groups in the Middle East like Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, as well as insurgents in Iraq,..."

When you read who the two leaders are, (and what they are planning to do) illegal immigration and our southern border might just become a lot more important to you

Was it...
A: When Harry met Nancy?
B: John Kerry and Ahmadinejad?
C: Dick Cheney at a Halliburton meeting?
D: Hillary and Chavez?
E: Harry Reid and Ahmadinejad?
F: Kim Jung Ill and Nancy Pelosi?
G: Tony Blair and George Bush (43)?
H: Ahmadinejad and Chavez?
I: Jimmy Carter (39) and Kofi Annan?
J: Fidel Castro and Teddy Kennedy?
K: Robert Byrd and Howard Dean?
L: Carl Rove and Benjamin Netanyahu?
M: Al Franken and Michael Moore?
N: Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump?
O: The new President of Mexico and the Prime Minster of Canada?

(read link at top of story for answer)

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Blogger Otter said...

Does not surprise me one bit that Ahmadinejad had something to do with this.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

yup he is the man with the plan... but don't he and chavez make a cute couple?
Kim jung ill is probably a "teeney weenie" bit jealous...(lol)

9:13 AM  

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