Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Fake Journalist David Podvin has resurfaced with more of the same Bush derangement syndrome babble that "he/she/it" posted before disappearing from the sphere last year after being outed for being a faker following the 2000 election. (Read about Podvin in my archives)

Carolyn Kay of the wacko-liberal hate-site www.makethemaccountable.com seems to be David Podvin as she is the only person to be in communication with "Podvin", the source for posting Podvin's insane rantings and always present when Podvin's name is used. It is interesting that one of Podvin's latest posts is about how women are treated less fairly than men... when a woman is posing as a man to write the post...hmmmmm.

UPDATE: Podvin/Carolyn Kay's latest example of BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME 8/15/07 The funny thing is that the Daily Kos crowd pointed out in the comments that her title (as written) states that David Podvin is Stupid and Evil. A simple slip or ultimate irony?
Posting of his "material" only through one person is more than suspicious, it is a red flag, burning bush and blaring siren all rolled into one hateful package.

It's not enough for liberals to have the entire mainstream media working for them, they have to create fake journalists to fill in the gaps when the truth simply doesn't work for them.

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