Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Liberals Attack FOX News

Liberals don't believe in free speech unless they agree with the content of the speech as proven once again by an attack on the number one rated cable News network in America (BTW- rated #1 by American viewers) and attack on the conservative perspective in general by the same hollywood moron that made "OutFoxed" attacking Rupert Murdock and another propaganda film attacking WalMart.

Here is the video in all it's idiocy, claiming that Iran is just a made-up threat by Bush and FOXnews and that other networks had better not fall for it.
Does he seriously want the news networks to NOT REPORT the fact that Iran is participating in the Iraq war, NOT REPORT the fact that Iranian weapons and forces are in Iraq trying to kill US troops, NOT REPORT the threat of a nuclear armed Iran and NOT REPORT the attacks in the north by Iran on the Kurds? Not one of the above CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc. stories/links has anything to do with FOXnews, what a Moron.

You see, liberals are not content with simply disagreeing with FOX News, they are compelled to discredit, destroy and eliminate FOX News from the landscape... "wipe them off the map" so to speak.

In just the same way, liberals seek to eliminate conservative talk radio with the fairness doctrine and other measures due to the fact that liberal talk radio simply doesn't sell to the listeners or the advertisers. Never mind that both conservative and liberal guests appear on most conservative talk radio shows... like Sean Hannity for example who has Democrat guests such as Charlie Rangel, Joe Liberman, Bob Beckle and others on a daily basis... but no, that's not good enough.

CNN newsgoddess Christiane Amanpour had a lot of nerve (clip in the video) saying she felt "intimidated" by the Bush administration and their "foot soldiers at FOX News" considering the fact that she is married to a former Bill Clinton appointee-turned journalist- turned Hillary Clinton strategist -turned Obama strategist.
Talk about being a foot soldier in the media for an administration... but CNN has a deep bench of liberal "news" contributors including famed former Clintonista' strategists James Carville and Paul Begala.

And then there is Bill Moyers, who is a Democrat pundit/political activist posing as a "journalist" where NPR and public television gives him a free pass. Who does he think he's kidding, you can hear his liberal slant in the majority of his stories yet he is on the offensive toward a network )FOX) offering a different perspective than his and his buddies in the mainstreamedia.... as in "drive-by media". Bill Moyers should write in the editorial pages or in an official Democrat party capacity... fine. His opinions should be heard, but he is no journalist.
Speaking of bringing their liberal agenda into their "work", do you need reminded of Rathergate again?

For those not educated, the "drive-by media"... Rush Limbaugh's own definition of "drive-by media", in his own words, "They are exactly like drive-by shooters, they pull up to a congested area, they spray a hail of bullets into the crowd. It causes mass hysteria, confusion, mistakes, and misinterpretation, sometimes people and their careers actually die, and then the drive-by media smirks and they ride away, unnoticed in the excitement. They're never blamed, they're never held accountable."

The drive-by media doesn't actually stop and check facts or talk to both sides of an issue before writing the story.
Why bother?
Before FOX News and conservative talk radio came along, they (old pre-cable news media) didn't need to bother worrying about "facts" since THEY determined what was fact and what wasn't... now their "authority" been challenged and has been found wanting.

FOX News presents BOTH sides (ADA scores FOX most fair and balanced) in the ideological/political/social struggle between liberalism and conservatism... all of the others present the news from a liberal perspective - period. I've been watching news (and following politics) since the 60's and the main stream media has always had a liberal slant since that time at least.

Personally I wish they would just be honest and say where they are coming from and quit pretending to be unbiased. What a joke.

What is the word for a country/government that suppresses and controls the media and seeks to restrict public debate to only one view?



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