Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Run Andrew Run... Run Away

The following is NOT information you will probably be seeing over at Okie Funk or Kittenstomper or Blue Oklahoma or the Daily Kos or Sooner Thought.(without it going through the "spin cycle" first)

Andrew Rice (D) is running against Jim Inhofe (R) for the US senate. The above bloggers have for the most part been doing everything they can to discredit and destroy Jim Inhofe while promoting Andrew Rice as being "good for Oklahoma" and representing "Oklahoma values". They have called Jim Inhofe virtually every name in the book except a nice one, called him racist, anti science, backward, uneducated and worse. Andew Rice however is just a nice concerned young citizen seeking to serve the people of Oklahoma... unless you look a little closer.

Here is your chance to "look a little closer" at Andrew Rice and his web of connections to the extreme far, far, far, left. As far as his "Oklahoma values" go, it appears he got them from Woody Guthrie and not from anyone we would recognize as having Oklahoma values.

A perfect example of how the left attacks' good solid values men like Inhofe while trying to pawn off leftist socialist/communists on us under the guise of having "Oklahoma values".

To Okie Funk and the rest... your values (assuming you have any) do NOT represent Oklahoma and your efforts to bring communism and socialism and populism to our state is despicable and destructive. You are what is WRONG in politics today and it's time the people saw you for what you really are. Laughable but dangerous considering young people believe what you write and say. It's too bad HR 1804 doesn't cover traitors and communists along with illegal aliens.

So, "RUN Andrew RUN"... and take all these moonbat bloggers with you.

Update: Predictably, Okie Funk has raced to the rescue. After doing nothing but writing vile attacks against Senator Inhofe for the past year or longer, Okie Funk does what when someone fights back? Note to the septic tank out back, Inhofe is running solely on his record... while the rest of us are pointing out Rice's dismal record, ...which you refuse to do.
Classic Moonbat Mayhem.
More Moonbats scramble to spin and twist and hide the facts... it's hilarious to say the least...
Blue Oklahoma and Daily Kos try and cover their tracks and spin this into eternity. LMAO

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Blogger Bucky The MoonBat Slayer said...

Remember folks -- name calling and character assasination is the prime technique of left wingers with world over. They learned it from Mao and Lenin in their revolutionary writings. Lenin used to get so mad he would glow pink and then drool, at the very mention of his rivals' names. Emotion bombing is a Leftist technique we would do well to emulate.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Or as the left calls it... "disagreeing on the issues".

9:34 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

ohhh I love it... the moonbats are ripping me bigtime over at Sooner Thought for... attacking Rice out of the blue for no reason... accusing the rightwing hate machine of cranking it up too early (foul)... no running on the issues...etc but Okie Funk and Sooner Thought have had their hate machines running nonstop since 2000 against Bush and since 2004 against Inhofe.(but thats fine and dandy)

What a bunch of crybabies!

They also tried to preach to me on Christian values and Oklahoma values...and THE BIBLE ! yikes.

According to them (the non believers)... I'm no Christian. (good thing God doesn't consult with them huh?)

10:09 PM  

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