Tuesday, October 23, 2007

UPDATE: Vote Now For Worst Blog of the Year

Only 5 days into the voting for the 2007 WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR- Oklahoma and we already have 20 voters in the poll which runs to the first of December. Okie Funk took the early lead and has never trailed, currently with 6 votes and a commanding 2:1 edge over the nearest challengers Daily Kos-Oklahoma and Photo Tune. Of course dochoc at Okie Funk has another edge in that he also posts at Daily Kos-Oklahoma and Blue Oklahoma assuring their nomination for the dishonorable award. Be sure to visit all the nominees sites and determine for yourselves which deserves to be the Worst Blog in Oklahoma for 2007.
You can find links to all their blogs and info on the award HERE. (Be sure to check out the NEW write in candidates)

I have been visiting most of the nominees sites and responding to their excitement over their nominations. Most are "big fans" of Red S Tater (lol) and consider their nominations to be an honor and privilege to even be in the running, though they do seem to take exception to some of my views.

What's more fun than arguing with a moonbat?
Arguing with a half dozen at once...all on different subjects. This makes it a little more fair for them (and a lot more fun for me). lmaolol

So, be sure to VOTE early and vote often (like they say in Chicago) and push your least favorite to the bottom ...errrr I mean top ...or whatever.

Vote over in the right margin. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR MOONBATS (again):
"Right" is this direction, >> ...as in - greater than(>) not less than(<), forward(->) not backward(<-) and not (<-)left, but RIGHT(->) so -->-->VOTE NOW!>>

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Post your vote for your favorite "write-in' candidates here.

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