Friday, November 09, 2007

Hillary Clinton Documents Withheld From Public

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- "Sen. Hillary Clinton's rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination are accusing her of delaying the release of records from her husband's administration.."

Are you getting ready for 4-8 years of a return to Clinton lies and secrecy?
Well Hillary certainly is as she and the Clinton political machine delays and avoids the opening of millions of pages and thousands and thousands of emails documenting Hillary's activities during her husband BJ's reign of sex, lies and missing videotape.

Here is the story from CNN News along with typical Clinton spin to answer the ever mounting demand for the release of this vital information.

Even Barack Obama knows that another Clinton in the white house spells disaster for America.

Socialized medicine, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, open borders, higher taxes, income redistribution and corruption... America can't afford a Democrat in the white house, much less another Clinton.

Update: Meanwhile local extreme leftwing bloggers just like Joe Lieberman referred to yesterday are trying to spin unaccounted for items at the Reagan Library as some big conspiracy...
This from the article at CNN on the subject...
"Library officials told auditors that "the collection contained approximately 100,000 items, yet the library systems only had information to locate and account for approximately 20,000 items," Brachfield said.

"This does not automatically mean the approximately 80,000 remaining items are missing. The vast majority may very well be safely located within the library's storage facilities. ... Some of these items may be missing or stolen, or none of these items may be missing or stolen."

Control deficiencies at the library created an environment that could potentially have been exploited, Brachfield said."

Sloppy inventory control? Sure.
Rightwing conspiracy...hardly.

Stuffing documents down your pants and destroying them later...(Sandy Berger) now that is NOT a problem, right Soonerthought?

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