Friday, November 30, 2007

Hunter Keeps Pressure On Romney's China Syndrome

Columbia , SC:
At a press conference held at the South Carolina State Capitol today, Presidential candidate and U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) again called on Bain Capital, a company founded by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, to drop its strategic partnership with Chinese defense contractor Huawei Technologies in a bid to buy U.S. defense contractor 3Com.
Hunter also called on Romney to use his continued influence with Bain to terminate the proposed merger between Huawei and 3Com, which, according to a report in today's Washington Times, would threaten U.S. national security.
"As the founder of Bain Capital, Governor Romney has an obligation to utilize his influence within the company to terminate the proposed merger between 3Com and Chinese defense contractor Huawei," said Hunter. "In light of China 's refusal to port several American naval vessels last week, it is increasingly more important that American military technology be protected from foreign companies, such as Huawei, that are closely aligned with the Chinese government."

The Washington Times
reported today that U.S. intelligence agencies informed the CFIUS review committee, responsible for examining proposed foreign investment transactions, that a merger between 3Com and Huawei would threaten America 's national security. 3Com presently performs vital cyber-security work for the Department of Defense.

"This proposed deal, which Governor Romney can work to terminate should he choose to do so, is unpatriotic and damaging to national security," continued Hunter. As further detailed in a resolution introduced in the House of Representatives, Huawei has close ties to the military of Communist China and allegedly aided Saddam Hussein and the Taliban.
Earlier this month, Hunter sent a letter to Governor Romney requesting that he use his influence as the founder of Bain to terminate the company's partnership with Huawei, including the proposed merger with 3Com. Hunter, who is ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, has not received a response to the letter.

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Off Topic:

There is a site you should join, I have already.

The Hunt For Red November

He is taking posts and comments about ALL the candidates (Republican), maybe Democrats too I'm not sure.

But there was a question posed about Duncan Hunter and I thought of you :-)

You should join, you have a great insight of the candidates.

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Blogger Red S Tater said...

Thank you Marie, that is so very kind and thoughtful of you.. I owe you one.

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