Monday, November 12, 2007

The Patriotic Left Celebrates Veterans Day

Let's check in around the 'patriotic' liberal left blob-o-sphere here in Oklahoma for their big tributes of thanks to our brave military on Veterans Day...they LOVE the military, right?

Okie Funk- Notes from the Septic Tank Out Back, .... a post on the outrage of HR1804 and for Veterans Day he posts noise.
SoonerThought- it was 'Joe Biden Day', say's this about the contributions of our brave heroes in the military... cricket noise.(*UPDATE on Soonerthoughtless below)
Daily Kos- posts Vote for Andrew Rice... and on our veterans, noise.
Kittenstomper-... Insults Native Americans during Native American Heritage Month and says this about our great veterans...(cricket noise)
Mahtma X- Outrage and (cricket noise)
Photo-Tune- About Veterans Day... has a photoshop cartoon of .... cricket noise.
Blue Oklahoma- Promotion of the "peace festival" and some .... cricket noise.
10,000 Fists- Complaining about the TAFB sign promoting 'freedom' and some good old fashioned cricket noise.
JMBzine- Selling anti-Centennial T-Shirts to raise money (no not for the troops) to fight AGAINST the military... and of course cricket noise about Veterans Day.

Ahh yes, good old patriotism from the left (and "Independents").
But of course I would NEVER question their patriotism... since there is no question about their lack of it nor any question about their hatred for the military and America either.
And we've got the cricket noise to prove it.

VOTE for the Worst Blog in Oklahoma for 2007 over in the RIGHT sidebar...
and watch the scramble to get something (anything) posted to cover their tracks.

7:24pm Monday Nov 12th. Soonerthought he had better post something fast at the last second today... exactly as predicted above! These moonbats are so darned predictable... and cute when they try and "act patriotic". His phoney "thank-you" to the troops is laced with sarcasm and hatred and disrespect... but what did we expect, a sincere post thanking the military?
Not on your life. LOL
-red s tater



Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Red, the "progressive" blogs of Oklahoma are each becoming screaming meme sites, it seems.
Of the 3 I visit for laughs, Mahatma X is diving headfirst into pure Communism, and is evidently unable to compose his own posts, relying almost entirely on others' copied words-- Talk About Talking Points and Marching Orders!

Okie Funk is too busy complaining about how unjust America and Oklahoma both are, while he demonstrates his own, unrecognized, injustices;

and my new idiotic target, the Kittiestomper, stays busy with unsupportable illegal immigration affection, while he misrepresents Native American views, so that they match his own.

Isn't it all just so sad, that they are so mislead and un-informed?

5:13 PM  
Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Oh, and what do most people do to crickets?
Ignore them, or squish em.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

yes mahatma x (doc jhimmi to me) has a bad case of Hateamericaitis...
but I was surprised to not find one single post about Veterans day at ANY of their blogs... not one, in fact found that unfortunate piece by stomped by a kitten and a story on a anti-war demonstration...errrr peace rally at Blue Oklahoma... and that was as close as any of them came.

shocking! not really huh.
I just refuse to let them go unchallenged on their hate and lies... and I am proud to be fighting along side yourself.


5:36 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Right on cue Soonerthought came home and saw that he was busted... and posted a sarcastic disrespectful last minute "thankyou" to the military while slamming their commander in Chief and Vice President Cheney of course.
Nice. Their hatred is so overpowering that they can't even fake being sincere.

pathetic isn't it?.

11:46 PM  

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