Friday, November 16, 2007

War, Lies and Videotape, A Democrat Plan for Defeat

Here is your democrat party position on the war in Iraq as detailed by Senator Jihad Joe Biden as recently as October 2007...

Here is what lefty reporter Michael Ware said about the dangers of the democrat position on pulling US troops out of Iraq back in March 07.

In July of 07 while democrats were proclaiming "the war is lost", news reports from previously anti-war reporters told a different story was unfolding...

Later in July 07, Centcom reports that the surge is indeed working...

September 07, al Qaeda in Iraq being "wiped off the map"... as General Petraeus was being called a liar by democrats like Jihad Joe Biden on al Jazeera News and by Hillary Clinton in Washington...

And what are those in Iraq saying NOW in November 2007?

Democrats said the surge wouldn't work, couldn't work, that the war was lost, that al Qaeda in Iraq was fiction or simply the result of America being there.
Democrats like Jihad Joe Biden said that the standing up of the Iraqi military is impossible and that nobody believes that it will ever happen.
Well it did happen and yet democrats are still trying to cling to that last sliver of possible defeat even in the face of total victory by the US and Iraq against al Qaeda and Iranian 'insurgents'.
On September 11th 2007 during the Petraeus Report hearings, while Hillary Clinton was calling General Petraus a liar, Joe Biden was quoted on Al Jazeera...
"He (US Senator Joe Biden) said the "surge" strategy could not succeed as national Iraqi leaders were not committed to reconciliation between sectarian and ethnic groups." "'s time to stop the surge and bring the troops home."

What does YOUR democrat party think about Jihad Joe Biden?

I have documented the success of the surge and the defeat of al Qaeda along with the Mahdr Army story including the rise and fall of the so-called civil war as detailed by Research Professor Engram at Back Talk, and even the main stream media is now forced to admit that democrats were totally wrong about Iraq. Democrats now have no where to go but to cling to that last hope of defeat for America in Iraq even as US troops are in fact beginning to draw down and the Iraqi forces take control of their country.

From the democrat debate on CNN last night Bill Richardson (D) NM said "the surge isn't working".
No Bill, the surge has already 'worked'... film at 11:oo

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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Lets see: the Left said we lost the war in Iraq. Proved wrong!
That we started a civil war in Iraq. Proved wrong! That the opinion of the US around the world is badly diminished. Wrong, and thank you France, Germany, Israel, Canada, Australia and Japan.
That America will soon add Iraq to that list of strong allies must just be dreadful to the left as well.
Then is it likely that the Left, the Democrats could be wrong about anything else?
I love watching al Qaeda being blown up, first thing in the morning!! Thanks for that one, esp, Red.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I like the KA-POW POW guy...

"don't hit the Mosque"...

" are clear to level the square bldg"... KA-POW POw.

10:21 AM  

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