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Kittenstomper Supports Killing Babies

In a lame attempt to try and stir up some traffic for his pathetic blog following his horrible performance during the 2007 Oklahoma Worst Blog of the Year Awards, Kittenstomper Blog (yup thats the name) is attacking me for being pro-life.
He refers to me as "the rabid base they have founded their party upon."

He writes...
"Anti-abortion extremists claim abortion is murder. Yet none of them have ever tried to back legislation to prosecute women who have abortions. If abortion is indeed murder, then not advocating murder charges shows the hypocrisy of the argument. Clearly, they cannot even answer the question."

If he had bothered to actually read any of my posts on the subject, (like my post "When is Abortion Justified" in the right sidebar) he would have known that I have in fact advocated that abortion is "1st Degree Prenatal Homicide". The penalty for such is for the courts to decide, not me but I would treat it just like any other murder or manslaughter case.

"Allowing exceptions in the case of rape or incest means anti-abortion ideologues allow the murder of innocent fetus's only when they are victims of a crime.
Not allowing such exceptions forces young ladies to give birth to their brother, or wives to give birth to the murderer of their husbands."

If he would have actually read the link to my blog that he used in his post, he would have noticed that Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter has called for a ban on all abortions- period and has introduced legislation every year for the past 10+ years on it. He is my candidate of choice for president.
No inconsistency here.

He ends his defense of the indefensible with a video about what it was like before women had contraception options available today and how they got abortions. Today we have more forms of birth control than we do ways to have sex. It is available for free and it is available for use even up to 24 hrs AFTER having sex.

Yet approximately 1.5 million unborn children are murdered by their mothers in this country every single year to the cheers of children hating white men like Kittenstomper.

Yet he has the nerve to condemn me for speaking out on behalf of those innocent ones who CANNOT speak for themselves?

So be it. If I am to be condemned, then let it be for protecting life itself.

In his world, defending the life of an unborn child is being a "Pro-Life Wingnut" while demanding the murder of that unborn child is considered being a "Pro-choice Progressive".

Shame on you kittenstomper, whoever you are... shame on you.
Kittenstomper supports preborn baby killing.
Hmmm. considering his blog name, it's not surprising I guess.

I'll throw him a bone and some hits as well.
People like this need to be exposed for what they really are.

In other stories around the Oklahoma blob-o-sphere...

Co-loser in the Oklahoma 2007 Worst Blog Awards Okie Funk has a first!
In his current rant on arch-enemy Senator Jim Inhofe, Funk forgets to call President Bush "Imperialist" President Bush. Probably due to the fact that he (Funk) is agreeing with W. LOL

Soonerthought algore won has endless praise of 'Jihad Joe' Biden and endless Bush Derangement Disorder again this week.

On the bright side, The McCarville Report is raising money for the "Coats for Kids" project.

Oklahoma Lefty ponders global climate change from a more moderate position.

The Local Malcontent ponders climate change going on right now in eastern Oklahoma!

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Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

"The Local Malcontent ponders climate change going on right now in eastern Oklahoma!".... until he decided to make hay, and go squirrel hunting. And burn some trash.

3:21 PM  
Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

My opinion on (dreaded) abortion may be just a hair left of yours, Red: in that I can see a justification for abortion in the explicit cases of incest or rape.
But, in both cases, the 'abortive' procedures must, must be taken as very soon as possible. I endorse adoptive services anytime, over abortion, in all cases.

Kittyswamp is a moron, anyone who bothers to read that tripeblog of his knows this. His is a kneejerk reactionary response to all things he sees. Nothing more, sad to say.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

I understand very well mal, I wrestled with that same thing for a long time and still do to some degree...

I support her "choice" as to whether she wishes to raise the child or not, but not her choice to kill it or not.
If she could make a case for "justifiable homicide" or "self defense" it would address the issues you raised.

If we are going to continue to let parents randomly kill their children... then I support being able to do so up until they reach 18yrs old.
LOL-joking of course.

In my view, if an unborn illegal is a US citizen (anchor baby) then for darned sure an American unborn baby should be considered an American citizen and given the same rights as any other citizen (or at least the rights given to illegals).

Abortion is homicide.

4:47 PM  

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