Saturday, December 29, 2007

MSNBC Considering Hunter vs Paul Roundtable?

Tin Foil vs Man of Steel
-red s tater
After apparently being shut out of the upcoming FOX NEWS Republican debate, Ron Paul supporters are urging MSNBC to host a two man round table debate between Libertarian Republican Ron Paul and true Republican Duncan Hunter who was also excluded from the debate scheduled for Jan 6th.

This is a fight that, if it happens, Ron Paul will lose. Duncan Hunter supporters already know the problems with Ron Paul... legalizing all drugs as the answer to the drug problem, pulling all US troops out of Iraq, S. Korea, Japan, Germany and everywhere else on the globe as the answer to foreign policy and defeating radical Islam, not securing the border as the answer to illegal immigration... the list goes on and on and on.
Here is a preview of what that debate might provide... Hunter vs Paul and Kucinich)
Bring it on!
Duncan Hunter would have a real opportunity to connect with any rational thinking true Republican conservatives that may tune in simply for the fight. Paul would only have the opportunity to show more voters why he can't be taken seriously.

Shame on FOX NEWS for excluding both men from the debate, they are depriving voters of the opportunity to discover why Libertarians are not Republicans and from discovering the candidate who has been called "The Republican wing of the Republican Party" and who is also the one candidate LEFTWING LIBERALS FEAR to their very core.

Bring it on MSNBC... bring it on.

Tin Foil vs Man of Steel, my money is on the real deal Duncan Hunter.



Anonymous scotth said...

Like your blog, dude!!

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Blogger Red S Tater said...

Scotth I am honored. Thank you for stopping by and for the very nice comment, please don't be a stranger... I'm sure you will straighten me out on a few things.

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