Saturday, October 18, 2008

Colorado, South Dakota and California Consider Abortion Measures

Souix Falls SD- AP (via Drudge)
"The South Dakota initiative would outlaw abortions but includes exceptions for rape, incest and pregnancies that threaten the life or health of the woman. Some voters said they wanted those exceptions when they rejected the tougher 2006 measure 56 percent to 44 percent."

Denver CO- This new bill seeks to define the term "person" to be from the moment of conception (fertilization).
That is all this law does, (contrary to what opponents are claiming) and does not actually discuss abortion.
Under this law however, a "person" as defined, would be protected from prenatal homicide (abortion). I believe THIS is the proper way and best way to deal with Roe-V-Wade and the pro-abortion crowd.

Here is the actual language from the bill-
"Amendment 48 proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to define the term "person" to "include any human being from the moment of fertilization"; and‚ apply this definition of person to the sections of the Colorado Constitution that protect the natural and essential rights of persons, allow open access to courts for every person, and ensure that no person has his or her life, liberty, or property taken away without due process of law."

Proposition 4 (California Constitutional Amendment For Parental Abortion Notification Alert)
"Sarah's Law".
"Sarah’s Law requires a doctor to notify a parent, or, in case of parental abuse, another adult family member of an unemancipated minor 48 hours before performing an abortion on her. It also requires a doctor to obtain the personal consent of a minor before performing the abortion and allows for court intervention if a minor is being coerced to have an abortion."

The Colorado bill Prop 48 is essentially the "Hunter Bill" which Duncan Hunter has worked to get passed in the US House of Representatives for several years and was a part of his Presidential platform.
Q: What will you do to restore legal protection to the unborn?
A: "Well, the first thing I would do is pass the Hunter bill which states that life does begin at conception."- Duncan Hunter

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