Wednesday, October 08, 2008

VOTER FRAUD: Where Is The Outrage From the Left?

I wonder why you never see the left leaning bloggers talk about ACORN and what everyone now knows...? It looks like at least 10 purple toss-up states are experiencing large numbers of fraudulent voter registrations, primarily from the notorious left leaning group that we remember from 2004 and even 2000.

September 15 2008- "ACORN is at the heart of one of the most massive voter fraud campaigns in American history.
ACORN is intimate with Barack Obama and is a major supporter of unions throughout the country and is doing its level best (and illegally at that) trying to assure that Obama wins this election."

Canada Free Press-
Voter Fraud: How ACORN/Obama Democrats plan to win the election
By Online Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Excerpt from a history professor’s letter to his local paper:

"Two years ago, I received a notice in the mail from the Delaware County voter registration office in Media, stating that my request to vote in the county was denied. The document accurately stated my name and my home residence.

Since I had not sent in such a request, and I had in fact been voting in the Commonwealth regularly since 1980, the notice took me by surprise. Instructed to call a number for further information, I soon learned that someone from an organization called Acorn (which I mistakenly assumed was an environmental group) was trying to deprive me of my right to vote, and place someone, presumably of the same name, in the voting booth in my hometown in my place.

I probed further and found out that a good number (at least several dozen) of my fellow Delaware Counteans had been subjected to the same experience..."

VOTER FRAUD- The Coming Disaster?
"“I do think there’s a real risk that in a state with a close election and a lot of provision ballots this could turn into the 2008 version of Bush-Gore. You could have a major fight over whether and how ballots should be counted, only this time it would be over provisional ballots rather than punch cards,”
So I challenge fellow Oklahoma and Colorado bloggers on the left to show a little balance for once in your life...

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