Saturday, November 08, 2008

Democrats Message To Young Women... "Forget About It"

After rejecting Hillary Clinton for an inexperienced rookie radical, the Democrat party then set out in cooperation with DNCTV (the news media) to destroy the only other woman in the race.. Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain's VP selection. Disagree with her on the issues and her ideas... fine, but to launch the biggest smear campaign in history is just disgraceful.

The message from Democrats to little girls and young women across this great land is loud and clear.
"Forget about it"

If you are a young woman thinking about entering politics and perhaps even of becoming the first woman president... get ready to be smeared, lied about and dragged through the worst hate you can imagine... (not to mention your family) especially if you happen to be a conservative woman or a woman (OMG) who opposes abortion.

It is sad that the party that calls itself the champion for minorities and women's rights exhibited such hatred and aggression against a woman... a woman that is just like any woman, a mother, a community organizer, a Mayor, a Governor, a good woman, a nice woman... just like you or someone you know.

Democrats should be embarrased and ashamed.

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